Report: Australian Gamers Generate Highest ARPPU at $24.38

Playspan, a key technology player in the online games, virtual worlds and social network space, released interesting data today from its digital goods marketplace. The findings indicate virtual goods are transcending national boundaries on to the global arena and will generate $1.6 billion in the U.S. in 2010, accounting for 20% of gaming revenue by 2011. In addition, the data highlights Australian gamers to generate the highest ARPPU at $24.38. Read more after the jump.

Following the Aussies are United States gamers with an ARPPU og $22.76. The Netherlands ranks third with an ARPPU of $22.03. Chile is last among the top 20 countries with $2.43. ARPPU stands for Average Revenue Per Paying User and conveys how much money an engaged user (who is already spending) is likely to spend.

The Top 5 Countries by Revenue Percentage

• United States 42%
• Germany 23%
• Italy 4%
• Canada 4%
• Portugal 3%

The Top 5 Countries by Customer Percentage:

• Germany 29%
• United States 22%
• Italy 9%
• Brazil 4%
• Spain 4%

As a monetization solutions provider with a large transactional database, Playspan has insider information into the digital goods space and wants to reinforce its position as a leader in the space. Some direct competitors include Livegamer and Fatfoogoo, which was recently acquired by Digital River. The data is relatively insufficient, however, as it does not seem to discuss any virtual economies from Asia which are far more advanced then western virtual economies.

“As the world’s largest digital goods marketplace, PlaySpan feels an obligation to share its data to enable our clients, and the industry in general, to benchmark their efforts,” said Karl Mehta, Founder & CEO. “The data reinforces the massive potential in the digital goods space as it drives higher monthly revenue from paying users compared to the subscription barrier of $14.99/month. We plan to provide regular data updates to share knowledge and help continue driving growth in the industry.”