Report: Almost Half of New Facebook Profiles Are Fake

According to a new report out from Cloudmark, 20 to 40 percent of new profiles on Facebook could be fake. Neil Cook, the European head of technology services at Cloudmark stated “once set up with a portfolio of fake profiles, virus writers encourage users to click on links to malicious sites by including them on postings on other users’ walls or blogs.”

This highlights the increasingly challenging battle that Facebook is facing with spammers. Facebook has been heavily invested in fighting spam since early on. There are also reports that viruses previously found on Facebook are reappearing. MySpace had serious issues with spam early on which ended up driving many users away from the sight. Bogus friend requests and messages from spammers became unmanageable for many.

Facebook is now suffering from the same challenges that plagued MySpace. This will continue to be one of Facebooks most important focuses over the coming months.

-Fake Paris Hilton Profiles Screenshot-