Report: 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs Have No Social Media Presence

Despite modest growth in social media engagement, many CEOs are still social media shy.

Social integration across all levels of your business is a good idea for many reasons: faster customer service, more active roles from marketers, and a broader social presence overall.

As the leader and often the face of the business, CEOs especially should be present on social networks. However, according to a report from software provider Domo and, many top executives are still social media shy.

Social media adoption is sluggish among Fortune 500 CEOs; 61 percent are not active on any of the major social networks. Domo found that 195 of the CEOs on the list are active on at least one of the six major networks — Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube — but none are active across all six.

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LinkedIn remains the most popular site for CEOs. 70 percent of those active on just one network were active only on LinkedIn. The influencer program is likely the reason for the increase in CEOs using the platform; 14 of the 33 Fortune 500 CEOs participating in the program joined within the last year. Still, 39 percent of F500 CEOs who aren’t participating in the LinkedIn influencer program have more than 500 connections.

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While Twitter saw a modest year over year increase of 1.7 percent in the number of CEOs on the site, compared to 2014, frequency of use is down. Half of all CEOs tweet once a month or less, and those using the platform averaged one tweet every five days, as compared to tweeting an average of every other day last year.

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Younger CEOs seem much more likely to engage with social. They already know the benefits that can result from social media engagement, and they’re using social actively, according to Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo:

We’ve been following the social habits of business leaders across the United States for four years, and the data continues to show that a minority of F500 CEOs account for the majority of the social media presence in that peer group […] Despite this, the winds are changing and a progressive, social-savvy breed of CEO is emerging, establishing a new benchmark that will set the tone for the future of executive leadership.

Only 11 percent of F500 CEOs are on Facebook, and both Google+ and Instagram are under utilized, according to the report. YouTube is the fastest growing among F500 CEOs with 41 percent featured in videos for their company.

Check out the full report for more details on how Fortune 500 CEOs are engaging on social media.

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