Repairing Burned Bridges


Yesterday Poynter hosted a live chat about repairing bridges you’ve burned in your career. We’re excerpting some of the best advice, though if you want to read the whole thing, you can do so at this link.

Colleen Eddy: Don’t “ASSUME…clarify that a bridge is burned. Sometimes time helps a burned bridge and just our taking the initiative to call helps rebuild it.”

Eddy on managers who are angry that you left, even if you left respectfully: “My experience is that over time, these managers become more tender 🙂 Until then, I would show appreciation to them for what they did do for us (coach, lead and mentor) and stay in touch throughout the year to let them know they are not forgotten. Sometimes being there to answer a question your replacement has shows loyalty.”

On mending a relationship that went sour, and the sourness is definitely your fault: “He met me 3 years later at a conference had really righted his situation and sought me out at the conference. I will never forget (fondly) the exchange. His comment was ‘I am sorry that you did not get the best of me when I worked for you. I appreciate all you did.’ I was so impressed with him. He certainly mended his bridge.”

photo: paul (dex)