Repair Broken Links As They Happen

Most Website owners are not evil, therefore they don’t have too many enemies. However there is a common nemesis: Broken links.

A bad URL can easily ruin the day of any blogger or Webmaster. No matter how closely you pay attention to every last colon and slash, there will be links that slip through the cracks. The real danger is when these links are not caught at the beginning. They linger and fester, resulting in the potential loss of serious traffic.

Cue the superhero music…and meet LinkPatch – the Website that promises to save the day from bad URLs.

Features include:

* Broken link reporting

* Broken image reporting

* Option to ignore directories on the site that you don’t want to track

* Option to ignore errors that do not have an originating page (a typo, for example)

* Customize who gets notified of errors on a site-by-site basis

* You are only notified once every 24-hours of each broken link (no duplicates)

Unlike Superman, LinkPatch does charge for the service. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $75 a month depending on how many Websites you would like to monitor.

All paid accounts come along with a 30-day free trial

For every site that you are tracking you will receive a unique tracking code. This snippet is placed into your Website’s error page. When a user is directed to your error page, the tracking code will record all the information needed to find and fix the problem, and email it to you.

Among the data you will receive: Time stamp, error type, site URL, referring page, what the problem is, the IP address, platform, browser, and more.