Rep Insists That No One Ask Allison Williams About…You Know…

SPOILER: she won't talk about her dad.

PR pro tip: if you want to ease the adversarial relationship between publicist and journalist, the very WORST thing to do is insist that said writer refrain from asking your client about THE ONLY THING THAT ANYONE WANTS TO KNOW.

Today Kara Smoke of the New York Observer shared a particularly ridiculous request: journalists are FORBIDDEN from asking Allison Williams about her dad at a red carpet event tonight.

In Smoke’s own words:

Smoke gratefully omits the name of the responsible party and his/her employer, but we have a couple of guesses.

We also understand why this note had to be written and sympathize with the agency employee tasked with writing it. That said, how many people are 1) actually attending this event and 2) genuinely interested in discussing the new eyewear line?

There must be a way to avoid these sorts of conflicts…

For the record, certain risque questions were NOT off the table for Williams’ dad in January…and last week New York magazine proved that she doesn’t always make for the most compelling interview subject.