Rep. Barney Frank Can’t Stand Seinfeld’s Kramer

The Atlantic Wire‘s John Hudson deserves to be commended for getting to the bottom of crusty Rep. Barney Frank‘s (D-Mass.) media diet. Sure, he reads Roll Call, The Hill and Politico. He also ingests the NYT, NJ and Congress Daily. And then he dabbles in The Economist when he has the time.

When he gets home, he reads a myriad of boring-sounding history books. And when he’s too tuckered to read? He switches to the boob tube. His likes: “Frasier” and “Who Loves Raymond.” But “Seinfeld?” He told Hudson, “I’m bothered by the character of Kramer. I find it hard to watch shows where there is one character that is so obnoxious that no one would hang out with him.”

Oh, and Frank’s not obnoxious at all. Ever.

Read the full diet here.