Renzo Piano: Mr. Replacement


Metropolis has just updated their site with a really terrific interview with Renzo Piano, an all-star architect who we’ve always just been crazy about. We’re not usually ones for pomp and circumstance, like with your Hadids and your Gehrys, so it makes sense that we’d have a fond place in our hearts for Piano. And, like the intro to the interview says “Renzo Piano has become the go-to architect for American cultural institutions — the default choice when more “adventurous” designers flame out, bust the budget, or spook timid museum boards.” Here’s a little from when he talks about how to be a good architect:

As an architect, you have to provide a shelter to enjoy art. And you have to love art. It’s like when you make a concert hall. You must love music. This is the reason why you make the space, to enjoy music — making a space for art is the same thing. You make the shelter, the envelope, in which art may be seen beautifully. It is not true that to make a good space for art, you make it neutral. Neutral is a dirty, dirty word — it is a terrible thing. Museums are always different. Some are about the collection, some are not. It’s a complex thing, but maybe the constant element is to love art and to put it first. But I don’t want to say too much on that because it may sound a bit moralistic.