Out of Africa and Into the Trump Vote

Nine visiting African journalists witness the process of U.S. democracy in action.

From the bleachers at Reno High School, nine visiting journalists from Africa watched the U.S. election process Tuesday. Per Rebecca Kitchen, a reporter for local ABC affiliate Channel 8, the group was impressed by what they witnessed.

The Election Day watching is part of a broader set of activities for the visiting journalists under the auspices of the State Department’s International Leadership Visitors Program (ILVP). From Kitchen’s piece:

“We’re the Biggest Little City in the World so people can come here, feel like they’re in a great, warm, receptive community, get a good sense of things, but not be overwhelmed like a New York City or a San Francisco,” said Michael Graf, program coordinator for the International Visitor Programs at the University of Nevada, Reno. “They can get in touch with the people and have access to our politicians.”

This area was also chosen because of the Reynolds School of Journalism at the university. During their time, they will learn from faculty at the school, and speak with political leaders. But they came specifically during elections to see how journalism and politics coexist during an election.

One journalist from Nigeria also took the time to explain how, if and when the system is “rigged” in their country, things operate. In Tuesday’s election, Hillary Clinton won the state of Nevada.