Renatus Media’s Pet Runaway Launches on Facebook

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Mobile and social game company Renatus Media has announced the release of Pet Runaway on Facebook. Developed by PlayMe8, the game sees players completing almost 400 levels of match-two gameplay, clicking on groups of two or more touching, like-colored symbols to remove them from the screen. In doing so, animals fall from the tops of columns to the bottom of the screen and are rescued.

Pet Runaway’s setup will be familiar to fans of King’s Pet Rescue Saga, and its levels come with similar goals. One may ask players to earn a large number of points while also clearing a minimum percentage of blocks from the screen, while another may see animals perched on the tops of columns, challenging players to remove all of the blocks underneath them to rescue the animals.

Users have access to power-ups while playing. An exterminator power, for instance, is used to remove one selected block from the screen. Another power, the color explosion, removes all visible blocks of a chosen color from the screen.

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Levels become more challenging over time, with obstacles that impact the way blocks fall down the screen, and bombs that can clear large portions of blocks instantly. Some of these bombs may be trapped in bubbles, which are cleared when the bombs hit the bottom row of the puzzle, or when they land on an obstacle platform in the middle.

If players run out of available actions while playing, it’s not necessarily game over. The board will simply shift down, removing any blocks from the top of the screen. Of course, this could eliminate bombs and pets as well, so it’s an outcome that’s to be avoided where possible.

As players clear blocks from the screen, they charge a cannon. Once charged, this cannon can be used to clear one column of blocks from the screen, regardless of color.

Gamers earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their high score, and can track their scores against friends on in-game leaderboards. A lives system limits the length of a single gameplay session, as lives are lost when players fail to fulfill a stage’s requirements.

Pet Runaway is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is monetized via the purchase of additional lives and currency. Players use this currency to purchase power-ups, once the game’s free supply runs out.