Remote Wipe for Windows Phone 7 Coming: But, What Level of Wiping

Dealing with a lost or stolen phone involves more than inconvenience and the need to buy another phone. The information on a phone has a lot of value too. That’s why there are options to perform a “remote wipe” to remove information from, for example, a BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile phones. Android phones don’t have this option, however. And while the upcoming Windows Phone 7 is being positioned as a consumer focused device, it will be possible to perform a remote wipe on it just like the older enterprise focused Windows Mobile platform.
Windows Phone Live to offer remote wipe, location, and sync for your Windows Phone 7 device (Engadget)
The question is what level of remote wipe will be provided. There is a hodge podge of options for Windows Mobile 6.5 ranging from PIM (contacts, calendar, email) to full device (including the SD card) remote wiping.