Remote Control At A Low Price

One way to run full versions of PC software on a tablet or smartphone is by using a remote control app. PC remote control involves running an application on a PC and another app on the mobile device, the mobile app communicates with the app running on the PC and displays the computer display on the tablet or smartphone. The result is that you see what is the PC’s display and are able to run apps on the PC just as if you are sitting in front of the computer.

The most widely known of the remote control apps is LogMeIn Ignition. You can find versions of it for the iPad, iPhone, and Android Phones, but they cost $29.99. I have a copy of LogMeIn for my iPad, and the screenshot is of my desktop computer display shown on the iPad with LogMeIn.

I have found that LogMeIn works very well, but it is an expensive app, in fact, it’s the most expensive app on my iPad.If you would like to remotely control your Windows or Mac PC from an iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, but don’t want to pay for LogMeIn, Spashtop Remote is a much cheaper solution at $4.99. From the information that I see on Splashtop’s web site, it looks like it will run just as good as LogMeIn.