Remix your pics with Repix

RepixRepix is a new iOS app from Sumoing Ltd. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store, with additional functionality available via in-app purchase.

Repix is a photo retouching app that allows for selective processing of photographs and other images using a variety of different “brushes.” Each of these brushes has a different effect attached to it, and may be applied to specific areas of an image simply by tapping and “painting” on the screen. Effects included with the app range from a “cartoonize” brush that reduces detail to charcoal, edger and halftone effects. “Flares” and “Drips” brushes add stylized effects to the images to create bokeh and paint-splatter effects respectively, and an eraser brush allows elements of the image to be removed completely if desired.

Additional brushes are available via in-app purchase in three $1.99 packs of four brushes each, or one $4.99 pack to unlock everything. Each of the $1.99 packs is themed — the Color Brushes pack provides the facility to freshen and oversaturate colors, apply vintage and sepia photo effects and/or apply a Hollywood-style tinting effect; the Artistic Brushes pack allows the user to paint over a photograph with four types of realistic brush stroke; and the Light Brushes pack allows for the creation of realistic “painting with light” effects of various types, such as simulating a sparkler or stars in the sky. All of the premium brushes can be tested on a preview image, allowing users to get a feel for them and determine whether or not they wish to purchase the packs before paying up.

The app also features some other photo-processing features including the ability to crop an image, adjust its brightness, contrast, saturation, color vibrance and color temperature, and apply a vignette effect. These adjustments are applied to the whole image and cannot be applied selectively.


Once an image has been completed to the user’s satisfaction, they may save it to their camera roll, send it via email, share it on Twitter, post it to Facebook or post it on Tumblr. Sharing via Twitter or Facebook makes use of iOS 5 and 6’s built-in social features and automatically adds a “#repix” hashtag so users of the app can find each other on Twitter at least; this hashtag is presently mostly useless on Facebook, but if recent reports are to be believed, hashtag functionality is coming to the social network soon. Posting to Tumblr, meanwhile, makes use of a pop-up window within the app rather than requiring the use of an external app or Web-based login.

Repix is a solid app for photo manipulation that can produce some interesting effects. It goes a little further than simple filter apps such as Instagram and its numerous imitators, but doesn’t complicate things so much as to be daunting to photo manipulation newcomers. Experienced photo retouchers may find it somewhat limited, but these users are well catered to by other apps out there such as Photoshop Touch and Snapseed, leaving Repix in a good position to court photo hobbyists who want to do a bit more than just apply an image filter, but don’t need the power of a full photo editing suite.

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