Reminder: Three Reasons Why Doing PR for Khadafy is a Bad Idea

You may have heard about some new business up for grabs. The Holmes Report (a couple of weeks ago) and the New York Post (over the weekend) are reporting that Libyan dictator and snappy dresser Moammar Khadafy (sp?) is looking for some PR help.

He’d like a firm to put out a daily press release talking up the reasons why his government is the “legitimate, sovereign, and popular government of Libya.” That’s a lot of spin for one firm and a gaggle of press releases.

For anyone out there giving even a moment’s thought to working for this ruthless, murdering dictator, we offer three quick reasons why you might want to reconsider.

-The Colonel is facing a war crimes indictment from the International Criminal Court, which calls into question the “morals” that are discussed in the brief. He has also threatened to unleash suicide bombers around the world.

-You may find this surprising, but the government isn’t as popular as the original brief says it is. Besides the rebel forces within his own country, Colonel Gaddafi (sp?) is facing opposition from the outside world in the form of NATO bombings and international pressure to step down. It would be difficult to determine who exactly the audience for the Libyan dictator’s feel-good message would be.

-Much of the world will hate you, disrespect you, and question the morals of your firm, which will make it hard to stay in business.

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