Reminder: Employers That Want You To Use ‘Their’ Credit Score Services Are Probably Scamming You

flickr: jepoirrier

Jobsearch bloggers J.T. and Dale posted a question today from a jobseeker who is flummoxed that a potential employer wants his credit score.

Not only is this silly (and lawmakers keep saying they’re going to do something about it), the particular way in which this employer asked should raise flags for anyone.

The jobseeker wrote:

I applied for a job in my field and received a response that included a lengthy questionnaire and a requirement to obtain my own credit report using a service they prefer. I’m supposed to get the report, then provide the company with the access number so they can look at it….The report is free during the “trial period” but still requires a credit card to register. Is there any way around this?

J.T. and Dale suggest getting the report and giving the company a printout instead of the online access number.

But these tactics also look suspiciously like a referral scam, in which jobseekers’ signups trigger kickbacks to the “hiring company”—and, more often than not, the “free” credit report comes with a suspiciously short cancellation period and then a huge bill.

Here’s a description of how a similar scam works with apartment rentals.

There’s no way to tell from this short exchange whether this particular jobseeker might have been just steps away from such a scam, but the fact that the credit report request came so soon in the process makes us suspicious. No interview and the employer already wants your credit score?

We’d say stay far, far away.