Reminder: App Notifications Going Away, Invites Moving to the Inbox in 96 Hours (Updated)

February is passing quickly, so just in case it’s not already on your calendar, here’s an important reminder: as of Monday, March 1, Facebook is rolling out two major changes to the way applications integrate with Facebook’s communication channels.

1. Application notifications are going away

We’ve been talking about this for months, but now it’s finally happening. In 4 days, the only application to user communication channel will be email. Notifications from Facebook-built applications (like photos and events) will continue to appear in the Notifications inbox, however.

2. Invitations are being moved to a secondary inbox tab

Facebook hasn’t published any new mockups of this lately, but essentially, the access point for users to interact with application invites (FarmVille gifts, Bracket Challenge invitations, etc.) is being moved from the top right side of the Facebook home page to a “filter in the Inbox.”

Update: It should be noted that Facebook is separating “Invites” and “Requests,” and requests will not be moving until 30 days after the updated share dialogs are launched, which has not happened yet.

Of course, these changes will impact the way applications work, and how effectively applications are able to keep users engaged. We’ll be tracking the impact of all the changes across the Platform in the coming week. For a full list of all announced upcoming changes, check out Facebook’s Developer Roadmap.