Remembering Steve Florio

We can’t say we ever met late Condé CEO Steve Florio. But we’ve met people who have. Without fail, all of them respected him and knew him as one of the good guys. Over at the Observer, John Koblin‘s written a good profile that we’d recommend checking out. Ron Galotti has a good anecdote:

“At the beginning of time, before ethnicity and equality were on an even foot, Steve Florio made a decision that he was an Italian guy who always wanted to be a white guy,” Mr. Galotti continued. “He wanted to join Seawanhaka Yacht Club. I don’t know if you’ve ever been out there, but it’s one of the oldest yacht clubs in the country, in the Oyster Bay area [of Long Island]. It has a lot of history and prestige, a really small and refined club. Anyway, he was very proud that they let this ethnic into this WASP-y yacht club. He invited us out-the Florio clan. It was me, Tommy [Mr. Florio’s brother, the current publisher of Vogue] and his brother Mikey. So when we met him out there, we decided we’d go in an Italian style of fishing. We took paint buckets with us, and we all looked like gavones.”