Remembering Russert: DC And Beyond Reflect

This past Saturday marked the one year anniversary of the death of Tim Russert. The journalism icon was remembered this weekend throughout DC and beyond- with tributes in his hometown newspaper, The Buffalo News, on NBC by his former colleagues, and also by his former competitors.

“Meet the Press” anchor David Gregory marked Russert’s legacy on Sunday’s show. “He’s here, still teaching by examples, offering the lessons of a full life we can emulate.”

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CBS’ Bob Schieffer’s commentary on Sunday’s “Face the Nation”: “We have a wall of TV sets in our office where we monitor the competition, and on Sundays I still find myself looking at those screens expecting to find that big, round Irish face of Tim Russert.”

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “It was fun to cover politics with Tim and an honor to compete against him.”

FOX News Sunday’s Chris Wallace (via TVNewser): “I don’t think the basic goal of political talk shows has changed at all since Tim’s tragic death. We are still trying to get our national leaders off their talking points – to react in real time – and explain their policies and actions. I never would have admitted it while he was alive, but he was the best at that. And a year after his death, all of us on the Sunday morning beat are still trying to live up to the standard he set.”

NBC’s Tom Brokaw (via TVNewser): “It’s testimony to Tim’s legacy that politicians, journalists, and viewers alike still refer to the high standard of his work and say how much they miss him. We were lucky to have him for as long as we did – and we must always be mindful of his commitment to the place of vigorous journalism in the public arena.”

NBC’s tributes from Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and more continued after the jump…

Vice President Joe Biden on Sunday’s “Meet the Press”: “He was a force.”

Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday: “People are still touched in such a personal way, not by Tim’s passing, as much as by Tim’s life.”

Andrea Mitchell on her MSNBC show “Andrea Mitchell Reports” Friday:

Chris Matthews on Friday’s “Hardball”: “I think about Tim everyday, each day I arrive at work, but especially on Fridays, which remind me of him and his enormous place here at our work and in our lives.”

Keith Olbermann on “Countdown”:

Lester Holt introduces this piece on the “Today Show” this weekend:

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