Remember This Face

comiccon01.gif It was impossible for one person to cover all the panels at Comic Con. It would be impossible for three. Maybe four could, if no glorified hall monitors yelled at them to go stand in the line and just let them in like normal press people that had to go through a month long process to get their creds. Oh yeah, we just walked into the Hillary/Obama debate at the Kodak Theater. “You’re somewhat literate? Here’s a press pass, a plug and a sandwich – welcome.” But Comic Con – a gathering to celebrate comic books – had real security and even more contempt for the press than the Democrats – go figure.

Anyway, we sat in on maybe half a dozen panels. And at every single one there was this kid:


He got up to ask a question at every single panel we were at.

More importantly, when he got up to ask a question – the crowd would howl and someone would inevitably say, “That’s the kid that’s gotten up at every panel to ask a question.”

Undaunted the kid would ask the most informed – smart – totally insider geeky question – every single time.


Here’s your replacement.