Remember The Milk for Android – Requires Pro Account: – Would an Evernote Fee Model Work Better?

Screenshot courtesy of Remember the Milk

The oddly named but highly regarded Remember The Milk (RTM) web service is, as far as I could tell when I tried it a couple of years ago, is a web-based implementation of a GTD (Getting Things Done) process. It goes beyond the simple calendar and task manager we often see in calendar apps like Outlook on the desktop and assists in organizing your life. I never quite “got it” and stopped using it after a month or two. But, a number of people I know kept at it and count it among their most useful web tools. People like them who have Android phones are probably going to be very happy to hear about…

New for Pro: Remember The Milk for Android

But, wait… You need a Pro account to use this free Android app with RTM. The RTM Pro service is available for a very reasonable $24 per year. And, it is also required for any of the available RTM mobile apps (iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile). The only advantage I can see to the RTM Pro account is access via a mobile app and priority email support (probably rarely used). I wonder if RTM might get more traction if they used the kind of model Evernote uses: Free Evernote accounts work with all of the free Evernote mobile clients (as well as desktop clients). However, Evernote’s Premium accounts ($45/year) provides more storage (not an issue for RTM users) and more features.

Note, cell phone users can use free RTM accounts by pointing their mobile browser at:

Thoughts RTM users?