Remapping Debate Is Looking for a Few Good Political Reporters

Web-based public-policy journal Remapping Debate is set to launch Oct. 12 and publish on 42 Tuesdays annually, offering original long-form reporting on domestic public-policy issues.

Remapping Debate is also looking to hire reporters, and editor Craig Gurian said in an e-mail:

There are probably more talented reporters covering policy and politics now than at any time in decades. At the same time, many journalistic enterprises still neglect to ask the crucial “why” and “why not” questions when reporting on domestic public-policy stories.

Remapping Debate has the advantage of being published by a financially stable not-for-profit, and we’re going to use that advantage to specialize in long-form reporting that consistently and persistently provides greater scrutiny to debate-limiting shibboleths — regardless of where they occur along the political spectrum.