Report: Publicly Religious Facebook Users Are More Likely To Be Single

A recent report published in CyberPsychology & Behavior finds that Facebook users that disclose their religious affiliation are also more likely to list themselves as being single. This is an interesting parallel and underscores the amount of interesting demographic data that can be obtained from the Facebook network.

The information was collected from 150 Facebook profiles and conducted by Sean Young, Debo Dutta and Gopal Dommety. The result of study can be misinterpreted, as the “people who reported religious affiliation were significantly more likely to report being single than were those who did not include this information.” This does not mean it’s a comparison to the ‘norm’ across the entire Facebook population, and does not factor in the idea that people who do not enter the information may have a higher proportion of single people.

There was a strong correlation, however, with users listing religious information being nearly 1.5 times as likely to report a single relationship status. The report goes on to make a conclusion, based on the report findings, that users that indicate their religious affiliation may be doing so to find a potential mate who is also religious. They explain: “people who identify with a religious background might be particularly interested in being contacted by potential romantic partners who have the same religious background.”

The study also found that women were more likely than men to list themselves as single. There is an important caveat about the study, though. The information obtained came from Facebook users in the San Francisco, Stanford University, or NASA network – making it difficult to generalize these findings to other populations.