Religious Pages Keep Engaging Facebook Users

Religious pages continue their stronghold on our countdown with a number of familiar options. Popular musicians offer the closest interactive competition to the ongoing leading trend.

Religious pages continue their stronghold on our countdown with a number of familiar options. Popular musicians offer the closest interactive competition to the ongoing leading trend.

This Week’s Most Engaging Pages On Facebook

1. Jesus Daily8,415,7873,584,841
2. The Bible8,128,1131,288,823
3. Mario Teguh4,686,0731,278,915
4. Manchester United18,858,550962,313
5. Justin Bieber35,612,615909,130
6. Dios Es Bueno4,256,468608,486
7. MTV Roadies2,979,653556,313
8. Jesus Christ2,989,878541,383
9. Lil Wayne30,977,066505,844
10. Lady Gaga43,221,103495,846
11. Lord Ganesha1,594,741444,370
12. Avril Lavigne25,970,912432,074
13. Amr Diab2,325,434416,038
14. Real Madrid C.F.19,240,155413,579
15. Barack Obama22,919,101400,725
16. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,515,636383,967
17. Texas Hold’em Poker49,707,190373,998
18. Werevertumorro2,623,321373,328
19. Müzik Keyfi1,597,289371,171
20. Empires & Allies5,714,868354,743


Aglhough the number of interactions have decreased from the previous week, a 3,584,841 total still makes Jesus Daily a dominant frontrunner.

Close behind in second place, The Bible increases its total with an impressive 1,288,823 participants in the page’s continuing discussions.

Slipping one more spot, Dios Es Bueno manages to grasp the sixth position collecting 608,486 comments.

Also found in the front half of the countdown, the page dedicated to Jesus Christ has a huge 541,383 comeback finish that places it in eight place.

Kicking off the second half of the list, Lord Ganesha makes the cut once more just one place behind where it started; 444,370 likers give the page a successful second week standing.

Joyce Meyer Ministries cannot maintain its high-ranking and loses its engaging footing with a diminishing 383,967 seven day interaction total.


Holding his ground in third, the social media team behind Mario Teguh‘s interactive page stays put by amassing 1,278,915 active voices in the conversation.

Television viewers in India are heading towards the social network to stay current on the auditions for the next season of “MTV Roadies;” 556,313 comments give it a noteworthy seven place finish.

After Werevertumorro‘s disappearance last Monday, video updates and upcoming show dates aid in engaging an audience of 373,328 social networkers, for an 18th place return.

Müzik Keyfi, centered in Turkey, has a similar story that lands it just a place behind with a thank you owed to 371,171 talkative fans.


Playing solid defense, Manchester United‘s repeated fourth place finish comes as a result of 962,313 responses. Real Madrid C.F. returns in the 14th spot scoring 413,579 commenters.


A mixture of picture and text updates has crazed Justin Bieber fanatics buzzing, and 909,130 of them move the page forward to the fifth position.

The hype around his latest record release continues, and Lil Wayne pushes forward to ninth place tallying 505,844 interactions.

Lady Gaga‘s Facebook home has cooled down a bit compared to last week’s sizzle, dropping to tenth place with 495,846 interactions.

Avril Lavigne enjoys 432,074 fan interactions this week as her world tour continues.

In Egypt, 416,038 contributions to the discussion result in Amr Diab‘s first appearance in 13th place. It is likely that the current free record giveaway promotion lent a hand to this total.


Employment stimuli, a recent address to Congress, and the anniversary of September 11th are just a few items engaging the masses on President Barack Obama‘s Facebook hub. The president appears in the 15th place earning a 400,725 interaction total.


It temporary slipped off the radar, but Texas Hold’em Poker returns in 17th place, engaging 373,998 gamers. Free chips and other giveaways surely have a hand in the game’s comeback.

Closing us out the countdown, Empires & Allies continues to find itself a spot with a 354,743 finish.

Readers, did you find yourself indulging in any conversations on this week’s most engaging pages?

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