Religion to ‘Save’ Newspapers?

One might argue that people’s devotion to newsprint has a certain amount of religious fervor to it. However! Stephen Bates’ plan to ‘save’ newspapers may be taking that idea a leetle too far. Behold: Bates thinks newspapers should declare themselves a religion.

If the press really wants to secure its future, here’s a modest proposal: It ought to declare itself a religion. The tax benefits, as the accountants say, would be substantial—and there would be other advantages, too…Then there’s the legal conflict that keeps landing journalists behind bars. Priest-penitent privilege is far sturdier than reporter-source privilege.

Also in lieu of micropayments readers could tithe! Apparently we’ve entered in to the desperate realm of ‘no idea is too crazy.’ Have any ideas of your own about how to save newspapers? We’d love to hear them. Send them in and we will post.