Reliably Online

The Reliable Sources (Ms. Artesinger and Ms. Roberts) held court today for their chat.

Since they’ve been doing this for over a week now, some readers felt free weigh in on Quidnunc’s successors:

    Arlington, Va.: LOVE the new ‘voice’ of the Reliable Source! You seem more ebullient and effervescent than your immediate predescessors. Both were fine, witty gentlemen; however, I gotta confess to liking your wit more.


    Washington, D.C.: Hello Amy and Roxanne: Your responses are so P.C. What gives?

Roberts also weighed in on some rumors floating around about Capitol File (adding to what was revealed this morning):

    Arlington, Va.: Loved the dirt on Capitol File. Have been hearing all sorts of unethical stuff and nastiness about the magazine. Rumor has it that some of the promotional spots/ads have been put in by the magazine itself, not advertisers. And have been hearing that some of the staff have been rude to people about town. Can you confirm? And what’s the inside story on the other new magazines?

    Roxanne Roberts: I can say for sure that my former colleague, Ann Schroeder, is a sweetheart and Capitol File is lucky to have her. Haven’t met the rest of the staff, but God Bless ’em. The competition for advertisers and readers is going to be tough: Washington Life and Washingtonian have longtime ties to the community. The three new magazines will try to beat each other silly for ads and readers. Frankly, I expect one one—and I don’t know which one—of the newbies to survive more than two years.