Reliable Sources At GW

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Howard Kurtz’s Reliable Sources did a special taping in front of a full house at GW Friday night.

The GW students were more concerned about their buzz wearing off than the actual taping (seriously: they pre-gamed for the taping).

The line-up included Candy Crowley, Jill Zuckman, Steve Roberts, Nic Robertson, Pam Hess, Jamie McIntyre, Bill Press and David Frum.

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Crowley, Zuckman and Roberts discussed the Mark Foley fallout. Roberts, whose son served as a page, declared there is is ‘a very clear cover-up’ in the Foley story and added it is ‘totally absurd’ for Rush Limbaugh to think that this is a liberal media conspiracy. Crowley on the page’s identity: ‘We in fact know who he is. A lot of news organizations know who he is.’

Robertson weighed in from London, yet still managing to look perky, despite the time difference. Robertson commented that for journalists, it s ‘near impossible to get out of Baghdad without being imbedded with the U.S. military.’ This seems to be an ongoing source of dispute.

Hess offered an interesting tidbit on Bob Woodward’s book, explaining that Donald Rumsfeld was ordered by the WH to cooperate with the first two books, and he when he sat down again, he assumed the order once again came from the WH. Hmmm… our bet is Rummy will not be making that mistake again.

More pictures below.

Abbi Tatton gave us the run-down of the rules and regs as well as what to expect.

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Bill Press and David Frum

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Between shot pow-wow with producer

UPI’s Pam Hess and CNN’s Jamie McIntyre

In the audience, a man of the people


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