Relevantis Unveils First Android Ad Platform

relevantis_AndroidLarge.jpgRelevantis is bragging that it has come out with the first ad platform to support Android, beating Android creator Google to the finish line.

The company claims that its Universal Ad Platform is perfect for Android widget, application and games developers who want an ad-supported option for their products. There’s no up-front cost for the platform. Instead, Relevantis takes a piece of the ad revenue.

Developers who want to use the platform have access to a set of APIs that give them control over the ads delivered in their apps. The APIs also allow for caching ads on the device, so they’re displayed even when the device is offline.

According to Relevantis CEO Scott Searle, one of the key features of his company’s platform is that it “supports multiple ad networks, not just Google. So, developers can choose to receive ads from one or more major networks like Microsoft, Yahoo and AOL in addition to Google.”