Relationships, Sex And The Average Twitter User

The maestros over at OkTrends, the “original research and insights” team behind the dating website OkCupid, have put together a fascinating study entitled “10 Charts About Sex” which takes a close look at the sexual habits and preferences of their 7 million active members.

What’s really interesting is two of the charts have tapped into the Twitter-using participants of OkCupid’s database, and the results are interesting to say the least.

(Don’t worry – it’s fairly safe for work. But if you’re easily offended or share your computer, you might want to turn back now, and/or email it to yourself to check out later.)

Up first – relationships. OkTrends looked at 833,987 OkCupid users who also use Twitter and found that frequent tweeters have shorter relationships than everybody else.

What’s interesting here is the relative trends are almost parallel. What the data doesn’t reveal is whether couples where both individuals use Twitter are more or less likely to stay together, or if a relationship is more likely to be short-lived if only one of the participants counts @barackobama as a ‘friend’.

Bottom line: best to double-check on that all-important first date.

Next, um… a rather more solo pursuit.

That’s right: if someone uses Twitter every day it’s 2-to-1 that they’re not going to be the master of their domain, so to speak. OkTrends reports this is true across both genders and all age groups, which is either a glorious sign o’ the times or enough to put you right off your soup, depending on your point of view (and where specifically you fit on the chart).

The rest of the article, which is packed full of other juicy revelations and is laugh-out-loud hilarious in parts, comes highly recommended.

(Source: OkTrends.)