Related Noise Offers Free Curated Content Solution for Brands, Blogs

Brands often turn to curated content to help stay engaged with their followers on social media, and Related Noise now provides one way to do this free-of-charge.

RelatedNoiseCatsBrands often turn to curated content to help stay engaged with their followers on social media, and Related Noise now provides one way to do this free-of-charge.

Related Noise launched out of beta at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York earlier this week, counting Entertainment Weekly and Twitter among its initial users.

Billing itself as “the first free social content aggregation solution for brands and bloggers,” Related Noise enables brands and bloggers to add live social content to their websites or applications with a single line of code, and the company said content can be monetized, with contributors receiving payment for contextually relevant ad impressions and clicks.

Content from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook is part of the Related Noise stream at launch, with additional social networks to be included later this year, and the company said an optional paid model gives users the ability to create multiple feeds, get and share more data and access premium analytics.

Founder and CEO Robert Dilio said in a release announcing the launch:

We initially designed Related Noise to be an ultra-simple content-aggregation tool to allow brands to create rich, beautiful feeds of content to enhance their websites and marketing channels. We quickly realized that in addition to brands, there is a tremendous content, engagement and monetization need with millions of bloggers creating content every day, which drove us to design and release a free version of the tool to meet the needs of this community with a focus on beauty and simplicity.

Readers: What are your initial impressions of Related Noise?