reKiosk Is Alternative Retail Tool for Musicians & Writers

The new reKiosk platform will help creators sell eBooks and music outside of major online marketplaces, establishing a network of smaller online shops. Click here to watch a video explaining the new site.

While the site is currently in open beta mode, you can request an invite at this link. The public launch is scheduled for next month. Founded by siblings Aziz Isham and Darya Isham, the site will help musicians and writers sell books online. As the video embedded above illustrates, online sellers can keep more of their profits in this new marketplace.

Check it out: “reKiosk allows anyone, anywhere to open a free, online store to sell ebooks and music. Not only can artists and creators sign up to sell their own products, but reKiosk has a one-of-a-kind affiliate model that pays ‘reKioskers’ up to 25% of every sale made from their kiosk, no matter whose product it is. reKIshamiosk has established relationships with some of the biggest names in independent publishing and music, including Grove Atlantic, O/R Books, and PledgeMusic.”