ReKindleIT: An eBookNewser Review

Everyone knowsrekindleit_small.gif Kindle’s “experimental” native Web browser sucks: it’s like reading the Internet on a computer stuck behind a dirty fishtank–it’s illegible, slow, and frustrating. Well, a company called Wordhustler, which operates a submission manager for writers, has come up with a cool new utility called RekindleIT that enables Kindle users to easily and quickly import Web pages onto their Kindles using nothing more than a browser–even a mobile phone browser. Using RekindleIT, Web pages are turned into MOBI files, which the Kindle reads like eBooks, so you can take them with you when you’re not online.

Here’s how it works. Go to the RekindleIT Web site ( There, you’re guided through a few simple steps to register RekindleIT’s email with your Kindle account and to drag a link to your bookmarks bar. Then, all you do is surf over to any page you want to put on your Kindle, click the link you just dragged, tell the RekindleIT popup window whether you’d like your document wireless Whispersynced to your Kindle (for which Amazon will charge you about $.15) or emailed to you for free (after which you can transfer the file by USB). The whole process takes a matter of seconds.

The RekindleIT Web site recommends using the “printer-friendly” version of any Web page where the option is available. After conversion, a printer-friendly article from The New York Times comes through crisp and clear. Some of the links and stuff from the top of the page end up as pages of their own in the Kindle document, but after flipping through these, the article is there, neat and readable. And depending on the Web page you’re converting, sometimes you don’t get these annoying links at all. Plus, links from the original text remain active; if clicked on with Kindle’s little joystick, they send the device to the browser and the actual Web. Pretty neat.

A non-printer-friendly page does not look so good: it comes out centered, with links all over the place, taking up spare Kindle pages and looking crazy. Still, the text is readable.

Now, you might be saying, Why would I want to read the Web on my Kindle? I don’t know–maybe for something to do, maybe because the page you want to read is particularly lengthy, and maybe because you just want to disconnect from the cloud for a little while. Whatever the reason, some folks are going to want to put Web content on their Kindles, and RekindleIT is an easy way to do it.