Reinier Evers, The Guy Behind the Guy


If you’re a frequent visitor to our little online hamlet, you’re likely to recall that we like the sites Springwise and Trendwatching. They’re both expertly presented and chocked full of information that, even if not at all relevant to something you’re directly involved with, quiet often really interesting. So it was nifty to see this interview up over at PSFK with the head of these locales, Reinier Evers. It’s all about starting the sites, their overall purpose, publishing their annual Trend Report, and how they get involved with finding the new before it’s new. Here’s some:

It’s still very much our core business: we’re now working on a 2007 Trend Report that is really an extension of our publishing business. Springwise is all about publishing and relies on advertising. So compared to last year, publishing has become even more prominent. We are doing fewer customised client presentations for example, as we need all our time for output on our sites. Think the key to success right now is to maintain a clear proposition, a clear focus for readers: amidst the abundance of everything, they will want experts for each and every topic, niche etc.