Reid Wilson Comes Back to The Hill

He'll be national correspondent.

Reid-Wilson-headshotThe Hill announced the return of Reid Wilson as an item in its Briefing Room blog penned by recent hire Joe Concha, a perfect emblem of the swirling vortex of D.C. media hires, if you think about it.

Wilson’s first stint at The Hill was in 2008-09, when he was an online reporter. He returns as a national correspondent. In between, Wilson has been, in reverse chronological order, chief political correspondent for The Morning Consult, a staff writer at The Washington Post and editor in chief of National Journal’s Hotline.

As The Hill’s national correspondent, Wilson will focus on the politics of the states in the nation, rather than the nation in aggregate, although that’s becoming less of a distinction, according to a memo from editor in chief Bob Cusack about the hire:

Reid will cover state politics for us in yet another expansion of our political coverage. We decided to focus more on hot political issues at the state level because more than ever, federal and state politics have become intertwined. The North Carolina bathroom law controversy is a notable example, but there are many others.

Wilson starts tomorrow.