Rehire A Quitter?

flickr: Karen Eliot

When that star employee who left a few years ago comes knocking on your door, do you welcome back the prodigal son?

HRRecruitingAlert and G.L. Hoffman say no.

Hoffman’s logic: “Taking back an employee who quit tells other employees that they can leave and keep your company as a safety net.” Not ideal.

And if this person already left once for greener pastures, how do you know he won’t do it again?

On the other hand, if he’s sharp, trained, and willing to work…

This whole thing sounds like a Dear Abby column to us. It’s really tempting to hire the guy back, Hoffman says. The quitter will flatter you and say he made a mistake and that you’re a really great guy.

“Let it be known if they leave, that is OK,” he says, “but they are not on the team now or in the future. The ONLY exception would be for Peace Corps volunteers or people who join the National Guard.”

Have you ever considered going back to a company you quit? Why?