Rehab Lit: David Carr Sorting Through 30 Hours Of Video, 40 Hours Of Audio For Addiction Memoir

carr_addiction_rehab.jpgWhat are the 12 Steps to Writing a Memoir About Drug and Alcohol Addiction?

Number one, of course, would be admitting you are writing a memoir about drug and alcohol addiction. Number two: Reporting. “I have hours and hours of tape I have to go through,” the New York Times David Carr told us at Tom Freston‘s house Saturday during a party hosted by the ex-Viacom CEO for Arianna Huffington‘s On Becoming Fearless. Makes sense. It would be hard for one to recollect his or her addiction years; it’s almost like researching a biography — someone else’s.

Carr, who said he is finding the time to write “on the margins” of his gig at the Times, is planning to revive Carpetbagger, his blog about the Oscars race, later this year.

So what does Carr think about being one of the poster children for publishing’s “Rehab Lit” movement? “I don’t think about it,” Carr said, adding that he liked Choire Sicha‘s recent piece in the New York Observer on the budding phenomenon.

Said Carr: “That’s because he’s one of us.”


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