Register for College on Facebook

Another great application has been launched on Facebook. The College Planner application that was just launched by Embark enables high school students to apply to colleges directly on the site. In addition to applying, you can find out what schools your friends are interested in as well. Best of all, it is completely free to use. Recently, there have been a number of useful applications, including the Projects application which I reviewed yesterday.

I expect a large number of high school students to use this application given the rapidly increasing high school demographic on the site. Junior year in high school, all that people would talk about is what colleges they applied to. By senior year, all that people could talk about is what colleges they were going to. Given that Facebook applications are meant to be social, this application will most likely be a hit. If you can build what people are already talking about offline, they will typically embrace it online.

Since I’m not in high school, I won’t be using this application. If you happen to be in highschool then I highly recommend checking out the College Planner application.