Reganomics: Rupe Sacked Regan Over Alleged Anti-Semitic Call

regan_ousted_oj.jpgAs expected, plenty of fallout and schadenfreude since the firing of Judith Regan late Friday. Let’s all catch up, shall we:

  • The New York Times reports Rupert Murdoch personally called for Regan’s head after he of a heated conversation between Regan and a company lawyer on Friday that included “comments that were deemed anti-Semitic.”
  • HarperCollins head Jane Friedman‘s long, strained relationship with Regan a factor.
  • The New York Sun ran a column seemingly defending Regan — though before the alleged remarks surfaced: “It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion that Ms. Regan was fired not for her legendarily difficult personality — and not, or not just, because of her longstanding rivalry with Ms. Friedman — but for her repeated affronts to the bland conformity of New York publishing.”
  • GalleyCat: “After a month of scandal, incessant news coverage, eaten costs and global humiliation, HarperCollins struck back in the iciest, most brilliant way.”
  • Timesman David Carr gets all “firing inside the corral” on us in making the point that New Corp. doesn’t mind external controversy, but takes infighting extremely seriously. “Even Geraldo Rivera’s journalistic principles were offended.”
  • Variety: Regan is already making the rounds looking for a TV job but would like to keep a foot in the book world.
  • In another succinct, two-line statement released late Saturday, the company announced that Regan Books will continue operations “under the able leadership of editorial director, Cal Morgan, reporting to Michael Morrison, president and group publisher Harper/Morrow.” Furthermore, “any future decisions relating to the imprint name or the publication of unpublished books will be addressed at the appropriate time.”
  • Regan’s attorney vows “war.”