Reganomics: He Said She Said: ‘Of All People, Jews Should Know About Ganging Up’

regan_ousted_oj.jpgDay 4 of the News Corp./HarperCollins/Judith Regangate, and the alleged anti-semitic remarks have seen the light of day. Via the Wall Street Journal:

Andrew Butcher, a News Corporation spokesman, quoted Judith Regan as saying: “Of all people, Jews should know about ganging up, finding common enemies, and telling the big lie.” In the next breath, Mr. Butcher said, Regan said that literary agent Esther Newberg and HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman, and others constitute “a Jewish cabal. All of you people are conspiring against me.”

The Times reports that Regan’s lawyer, Bert Fields, denied that she had said there was a “Jewish cabal against her,” saying that she had used only the word “cabal” in the conversation. Meanwhile, Keith Kelly reports that rumors had Regan jumping to CNBC even before the latest neo-scandal.

GalleyCat wonders what will happen to Peter Golenbock’s Mickey Mantle book, which was the subject of the original phone call between Regan and HarperCollins attorney Mark Jackson:

With Regan gone, is Harper interested in going to bat for Golenbock? Regan’s attorney, Bert Fields, claimed in an interview with Hillel Italie of the AP that Harper may well consider the book unpublishable, but a Harper spokesman will concede only that it’s “under review.” Now, I haven’t seen the entire book, but as I’ve said before, what I’ve seen doesn’t seem so terrible or even that far off from the real-life Mickey Mantle. (Well, apart from the whole Marilyn Monroe thing.) But considering some of the novels that HarperCollins has considered publishable, like Eve Pollard’s Jack’s Widow, which uses the fictional rape of Jackie Onassis as a dramatic plot point, Golenbock would’ve had to have come up with genuinely Sadean levels of perversity for there to be a real problem here.


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