Refurbished Kindles Cost More Than The New Ones


While Kindle 3 is flying off the digital shelves, Amazon is still selling refurbished second-generation Kindles at a slightly discounted. But they aren’t exactly cheap, compared to the new $139 Kindle.

Amazon is selling the refurbished second generation Kindle for $159.99 and the second generation Kindle DX for $289.99. The DX has Wi-Fi and a large screen, but nowadays, you can get the new Velocity Tablet for $299, so the old Kindle doesn’t seem so appealing.

We can speculate about their vintage appeal and eBay value in 2050, but the real question is, why would anyone pay more money for an older model. CNET poses the question: “Either way, the question is whether they’re worth buying or not, and the answer, at least when it comes to the 6-inch model, is probably not, because the design and screen upgrades are worth the extra $40, and, if you’re on a tight budget, you can buy the new $139.99 Wi-Fi-only model.”

Would you buy one?