Redskins and the Media

The Redskin’s Brandon Lloyd doesn’t like reporters, apparently. Dan Steinberg reports on an incident recently when Lloyd was asked whether the team’s play-calling was handcuffed by Gibbs.

“Bro, I have no idea,” Lloyd said. “I think if you guys as fans don’t know this, um, then it’s obvious that the ‘beat writers’–and I use that with every innuendo possible–the ‘beat writers’ are doing a disservice to the fans in the community by not asking these questions to the people who can answer them.”

And later:

“See, all these beat writers are gonna be listening to this podcast,” Lloyd said.

“Well they’re [bleeps], they’re [bleeps],” a Junkie said.

“Listening to you guys, taking notes and asking these questions,” Lloyd continued. “You can ask these questions,” he said, addressing the beat reporters. “Don’t be scared.”

BONUS: We hear that there was some sort of altercation between Redskins radio guys and some beat writers Sunday. Those in the know? Let us know.