Redpark Serial Cable Reference Design for iPhone May Lead to Rich Hardware Accessories

Images courtesy of Redpark

I’ve often wished it were possible to connect and use a variety of hardware peripheral types with the iPhone and iPod touch (and see the iPad). Although Apple improved access to the iPhone’s port connector last year, we really haven’t seen much new hardware take advantage of this. My hope, however, is that this announcement from Redpark will change this soon…

Redpark Offers Serial Cable Reference Design for iPhone and iPod Touch

Redpark’s news item notes that: Redpark expects that the reference design will be suitable for use with the recently announced iPad. Testing with an iPad has not yet occurred. So, anything developed for the iPhone might also work with the upcoming Apple iPad.

If Redpark’s licensing terms are reasonable for startups and it is reasonbly easy to build drivers to work with a variety of connected devices, we might see a rich set of hardware tools appear for the iPhone and iPad this year.