PR Flack Forced to Apologize for Duke Nukem Twitter Threats

The Redner Group, based in Santa Monica, is all about procuring media attention for its small group of clients. This morning, it has managed to accomplish that mission in a thoroughly upside-down manner.

Via the firm’s Twitter account, veiled threats were issued Tuesday in the direction of outlets that had published “venomous” reviews of client 2K’s video game Duke Nukem Forever. The insinuation was that those guilty of too atomic a slam might no longer receive advance 2K review copies. This morning, those tweets have disappeared, replaced by the apologies of an admonished (and perhaps soon to be nuked?*) owner:

Consider this the latest reminder that when you’re having a bad day or night at the office, stay away from Twitter and Facebook!

*Update – 06/16/11: Sure enough, as a result of all this, 2K Games has dumped The Redner Group as its PR agency.