Redesigns Are For the Weeks


Two weekly mags got makeovers last week: Newsweek, our top pick of the publications you only read at the dentist office, and BusinessWeek, the home of everyone’s favorite design blogger.

First, Newsweek, which we knew was coming because designer Amid Capeci left Rolling Stone last year to consult with King Roger Black. This is all outlined rather nicely in the Editor’s note and Dylan Stableford has more at Folio, but one quote stood out and we’re not sure we believe it:

Other media outlets believe you just want things quick and easy. We think you will make the time to read pieces that repay the effort.


Interesting. On to BusinessWeek, the magazine with the big chunky design innovation section, whose philosophy is pretty much the opposite:

You’re busier than ever as your colleagues and customers pursue you into your evenings and crash your vacations. Therefore, you want us to brief you on the week’s most important business news, information, and ideas as intelligently and efficiently as possible.

Their Editor’s memo explains everything about your busy lives, but doesn’t mention the redesign team at all (we have to head to the NY Times story for that slightly important detail). Turns out it’s Modernista!, the company! that did the spec work! on the INside Innovation pub! Maybe they got paid up front this time. That should make designers especially happy. As writers, we just hope they added spell check to the blogs.