Redesigning Motel 6…Into the Future!


To end this writer’s day on a light, breezy fun note, we somehow landed on the information that the Motel 6 chain is getting into the current trend of re-designing lower cost hotels into something a little less, well, “Motel 6-like.” They’re starting out in Phoenix with a prototype, hiring BOKA Powell for the exteriors and Priestman Goode to design the rooms. And from the photos included in the press information we found on the ACCOR site (a trade publication for the hospitality industry), we’re pretty impressed. Granted, of course they’re going to make their press photos and their initial roll-out of the thing look fantastic, but if they can keep it up, it’s sure to help bring on a much-needed brand washing. On the other hand, the place is so modern and futuristic looking, you’ve got to think that it might also turn some customers away, with those who either just want to pull the car over and spend $6 for a night’s rest or are governors of large states and demand anonymity. We’ll wait and see. Here’s a bit about their plans moving forward:

After a design competition, the Phoenix prototype design by Priestman Goode was chosen based on input from franchisees and guests. The first Phoenix prototype will be a corporate-owned location, and construction will begin in the latter half of 2008. The new prototype will be available to franchisees in the summer of 2009. Future plans call for many current Motel 6 corporate properties to be retrofitted with elements of the new prototype.