Redesigned Butterball Cookbook Plus Launches on iOS, Android

Butterball Cookbook PlusIn anticipation of the holiday cooking season, Butterball has announced the launch of its redesigned meal-planning app, Butterball Cookbook Plus. Previously only available on iOS devices, the app has now launched on Android and gives users access to hundreds of recipes and tips that aim to help home cooks be the star of their next Thanksgiving dinner, or any meal of the week.

While Butterball may be known for its turkey, this cookbook app provides recipes for side dishes, salads and a range of other items as well. When launching the app, users are presented with a feed of pictures for recipes or themed recipe collections (like a “bourbon turkey” collection of recipes).

Users tap on a single recipe to quickly see its servings, cooking time and nutritional information (where available), and can tap on tabs to see the actual ingredient list and cooking directions, as well as a space for adding notes (say, to remember changes to the recipe one might make on their own).

Users can also search recipes based on recipe type (appetizer, sauces, soups, etc.) or individual turkey-based ingredient. The app provides tools for ingredient substitutions, a measurement conversion chart and a turkey calculator for determining the size of turkey one should purchase to feed a specified number of both adults and children.

“Butterball consistently searches for ways to meet consumers where they are, and that means providing relevant information to an increasingly mobile society,” says Kimberley Metts, manager of consumer promotions at Butterball, LLC. “The redesigned Butterball app now allows consumers who use a variety of different operating systems to take advantage of our turkey expertise no matter what device they use.”

While the Android version of the app is brand new, the existing iOS app has been updated with a new look that runs better for users, as well as detailed nutritional information on many recipes. The app has also been updated with promotional offers from Butterball and its partners.

Butterball Cookbook Plus is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.