Reddit’s Hosting a Global Scavenger Hunt Today

Reddit is hosting a global scavenger hunt all over the U.S. and five other global cities. By noon, around 20 boxes had already been found.

This morning, Reddit launched a real, actual, international scavenger hunt. If you want to play, you better get a move on, because over 40 boxes have already been found. Don’t people have work and DMV appointments and things to do?

After finding volunteers, they planted boxes in 50 states, D.C., Vancouver, London, Sydney, Amsterdam and Singapore. Using clues, you can go find them. From the Reddit blog:

In each local subreddit, you’ll find a clue posted by someone from your community, hinting at where this box will be hidden. Then they’ll post again once the box is officially in its hiding spot with another hint. Clues will be linked below, so you don’t have to worry about chasing waterfalls. Use these clues to go on your own local adventure to find the box hidden in your town! As the day progresses, if it hasn’t been found yet, they’ll post more clues. Not sure what your local subreddit is? We’ve listed the state and city subreddits we’ll be posting in at the bottom of this post. If you find the package, please report back to your subreddit with photos so everyone can enjoy! The contents of each package are unique, filled with special products from some of our merchants (many of whom are redditors!) in the reddit marketplace.

So far, New York City, Charleston, Las Vegas, Omaha and Boston, among others, have been claimed. Reddit says that international clues might be a day late because of shipping. You can follow along here, or be brave and venture out to find one (it’s so much warmer to just watch). If the global hunting and gathering thing appeals to you, you can also participate in their 6th Annual Secret Santa, too.