Victoria Taylor Dismissal Sparks #RedditRevolt

All hell has broken loose on 'The Front Page of the Internet.'

RedditPrivateWarningWhy was New York-based Reddit employee Victoria Taylor let go Thursday? At this point, it’s not entirely clear.

Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg raises the specter of Jesse Jackson, as well as the idea that perhaps talent director Taylor did not want to relocate to San Francisco. The Guardian’s Alex Hern meanwhile did some detective work and found this:

A hastily deleted post from an executive at Quora (a Q&A site that is like Reddit, but for Ivy League grads) gives a plausible outline.

Marc Bodnick wrote that the dismissal was because “Reddit management was pushing Victoria to do a bunch of highly commercial things around AMAs (Ask Me Anything), but Victoria wasn’t comfortable with those ideas”. He cited video AMAs as one such example, and said that her resistance led to the sacking.

In a post on CenturyClub – another sub-forum that has since gone private in protest – Taylor herself expressed bafflement at her dismissal, saying that “you guys know what I know” in relation to her departure.

The dismissal is being actively discussed on Twitter under the hashtag #RedditRevolt and the short-form AMAgeddon. As Feinberg and Hern detail, it has also led to massive disruptions of the Reddit site in the form of various subreddits having been switched to private, in protest. Feinberg continues to frequently update her Gawker post.

This is a lightning-fast developing story. As we were posting, the coordinator of Reddit’s /secretsanta program announced he was no longer with the site. Much more to come.

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