Reddit Offering Local Businesses Free Advertising

The social networking news sharing site Reddit is getting a lot of buzz these days, and it sounds like they’re going to use it to help some folks. Just recently, the company announced it is offering local businesses free advertising spots.

This week Reddit rolled out a campaign offering local businesses free advertising. The free advertizing is aimed at localized subreddits. Any business can obtain one of Reddit’s self-serve ads. The self-serve ads run at the top of every subreddit page. Users get to vote as well as comment on each ad like it was a regular submission to the site. Each ad will run for three days – a $100 value.

Of late, only a few local businesses have used the free ad offer. Reddit would like some more businesses using the campaign in order to test the overall performance. The company hopes to get feedback on how local businesses can take advantage of the self-serve ad tool. It is important for local businesses to understand that there are local subreddits for just about every city and major town in the country.

Giving out free ads isn’t new to Reddit. In October, the company sponsored a campaign offering non-profits and charities to post free ads on the site. Close to 250 ads, a value over $27,000, were posted during the two-week campaign.