‘Reddit is Fun’ Android App Updates to 2.0 — Includes Tablet Support

Reddit is fun, one of the top unofficial Reddit browsing applications for Android, has released version 2 and it adds all kinds of cool features.  Most notably the pro version is now optimized for tablets, but there are a bunch of bug fixes that make the app the easiest way to use Reddit on a mobile device.  The app is available in the Google Market Play store.

If you’re anything like me or any of my friends, Reddit has grown into something like the Jon Stewart of the web — you get the latest news on a topic but typically with a comic angle.  Certainly, Reddit has lost a bit of its fastidiousness as the site has exploded in size, but there are still great sub-reddits like politics which engage in serious matters with respect and enthusiasm.  So for that reason, checking in at least a few times a day is a fun, rewarding habit.

But it’s not easy on a mobile phone.  They just don’t have a mobile version of the site, so you’re typically left fumbling around scrolling left to right to read comments and such.  That’s why RiF is such a great app and a big hit with over 500,000 downloads of the lite version.  It formats the various Reddit posts in a pleasant format with some customizable elements including color and font size.  It’s great for image posts (of which there are a ton on Reddit), where you can easily click through to images without having to actually go to the hosted site.  It makes browsing really fast.

Some other updates are including search, saved posts and improved subreddit management and comment navigation.  They’ve also added a fully featured inbox.  Check out more of the updates over at the official download page, and take a look at the app and let us know what you think!