Reddit Hits 1.8B Monthly Pageviews, /r/funny Subreddit Earns 1M Subscribers

Just over this last month, Reddit has experienced 28 million unique visitors, which produced the highest pageviews. The /r/funny subreddit is the first sub-section or subreddit to have over 1 million subscribers.

Social news website Reddit reached a couple of milestones in the last 30 days. The news site not only hit 1.8 billion monthly pageviews, but one of its subreddits (/r/funny) has accumulated more than 1 million subscribers.

With that said, 265 of its user-created sections, or subreddits, maintain at least 10,000 subscribers each. Such a figure suggests Reddit’s approach of “nurturing topic-specific communities on its platform is taking off”, says The Daily Dot.

Just over this last month, Reddit registered 28 million unique visitors. The /r/funny subreddit is the first sub-section to have over 1 million subscribers. However, Scribbal notes “that every new registered account is automatically subscribed to /r/funny,” which suggests that 1 million is closer to the number of registered users actually using the site on a regular basis.

The websites general manger Erik Martin even explained to Daily Dot, “Subscriber numbers hold much less value as a metric than do traffic numbers.”

Because the platform is free and it is a quick process for users to nab an account — not even an email address is required — one person can retain multiple accounts. With that known, it is hard to calculate the true value of truly unique users for a specific subreddit.

Martin informed The Daily Dot that the site has just about doubled in pageviews since the beginning of the year. The leap in numbers could be caused by the fact that Reddit restructured as a company in order to create a little more operational freedom within the organization. The social news site is owned by Advance Publications, the parent company of Condé Nast.